A RESOUNDING YES! And why not? Mature couples are finding out that they have better and more sensual love lives than they experienced in their earlier years. There are quite a few reasons for this. Women over 60 still have sensual feelings and feel sexy and inRead more

The Menopause – an overview

Overview of the MenopauseWhat is the Menopause? The term ‘menopause’ is used to describe the final cessation of periods which signal an end to a woman’s fertility. Ovulation and the levels of oestrogen in a woman’s body decline as the ovaries cease egg production. This can happen naturally when aRead more

Menopause Symptoms

Menopause SymptomsThe Menopause mostly takes place to women in their late 40’s or early 50’s, but it has been known to occur later or earlier. Symptoms usually start a few months or years before a woman’s periods stop and can continue for some time afterwards. On average, mostRead more

Best Lubricant for Sensitive Skin Guideline

Sensitive skin can be very bothersome and very uncomfortable no matter which area of the body it occurs in, but when it comes to having a sensitive vagina, and vulva, the discomfort and often pain is very troubling and embarrassing. If your skin is extremely sensitive, aRead more

Gay and Lesbian Lifestyles

Astroglide lubricant for gay and lesbian lifestyles Hyper-slippery, sustained lubrication overcomes vaginal dryness & enhances anal sex.  It can help heighten sexual intimacy, greatly improving  sexual satisfaction for gay and lesbian couples. Health Concerns Among Gay Men Aids-preventing sexual hygiene can be summed up simply: "Correct andRead more

Vaginal Dryness and how to overcome it

Are you still looking for the best Personal Lubricant to overcome Vaginal Dryness You need look no further, Biofilm Inc. has been a world leader for over 25 years, providing a complete range of personal lubricants to meet each person’s individual requirements and to alleviate the problemsRead more

The Fun Of It

Astroglide, the aphrodisiac. When used during intimate activity, Astroglide definitely heightens sexual pleasure for both partners. In fact, in her well-known book To Be Alive, Dr. Carol Runowiez claims: "Men go crazy, they call it AstroHeaven." Glamour Magazine's sexual ethics columnist Lynn Showden notes: "A certain cannyRead more

Menopause Solutions

Sizzling sex after menopause? Astroglide helps you say why not! We don't lose interest in sex just because we've had a few birthdays. If you suffer from vaginal dryness you may like to take a look at our ‘Overcoming Vaginal Dryness’ section. It's only after we've livedRead more

Safer Sex with Astroglide Lubricant

Ever Wonder How To Get A Man To Say "Yes"? Here's a sexy way to have him want to use a condom. It's easy! It's Astroglide Personal Lubricant. He'll just love it - use a small amount of Astroglide inside a condom and enjoy an incredible, warmRead more