Gay and Lesbian Lifestyles

Astroglide sexual lubricant for gay and lesbian lifestyles

Astroglide lubricant for gay and lesbian lifestyles

Hyper-slippery, sustained lubrication overcomes vaginal dryness & enhances anal sex.  It can help heighten sexual intimacy, greatly improving  sexual satisfaction for gay and lesbian couples.

Health Concerns Among Gay Men

Aids-preventing sexual hygiene can be summed up simply:

“Correct and consistent use of Latex condoms is the most effective method in the prevention of HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s).”

A recent study of discordant couples in Europe showed that in a two year period 124 couples who consistently used Latex condoms, none of the uninfected partners became infected, but amongst 121 couples whose use of condoms was inconsistent 10% of the uninfected partners became infected. Condoms must be used consistently to provide maximum protection.

The main objection against condom use was reduction of sensitivity and dead feeling, like wearing gloves. Now with Astroglide sexual lubricant you can gain increased sensitivity and heightened sexual pleasure by squeezing a small amount of Astroglide on the inside tip of the condom and obviously applying more lubricant on the exterior of the condom. With Astroglide’s powerful lubricating properties that are long lasting and don’t dry out, you will have a high safety factor in preventing condom breakage. Being water-based and having no smell or taste, Astroglide is now recognised as the top sexual lubricant of it’s type worldwide.


Lesbian Safer Sex Guidelines


Massage, hugging, fantasy, voyeurism, exhibitionism, masturbation, vibrators or other sex toys (not shared), dry kissing, body to body rubbing (when fluids are not involved). All other Lesbian activities fall into the probably risky and very risky categories.

If you are using or intend using the female condom or use sex toys, vibrators etc. Astroglide vaginal lubricant will offer you sustained and prolonged lubrication without drying out. As it has an acidic pH matching the vaginal fluids pH, it will minimise the chance of vaginal complaints, i.e. cystitis and thrush. Astroglide has no smell or taste, does not contain animal fat. Being water-soluble it is easy to remove with a wet wash cloth/flannel. It can also be used to lubricate tampons, diaphragms and douche nozzles. Astroglide will heighten those special moments of pleasure. Many users state that using it sends them to “Astro-Heaven“. SAFE SEX AND ASTROGLIDE MAKE THE PERFECT PARTNERS

Lesbian Safer Sex

Women and HIV/AIDS cases have increased from 7% to 18% in 1994 when 58,428 cases were reported in the U.S.A. Of these cases 38% were due to unprotected, unsafe sex. Lesbians are at risk from contracting HIV from each other. HIV is transmitted when blood, vaginal fluids, breast milk or semen from an HIV infected person enters your blood stream. LESBIANS CAN BE INFECTED WITH HIV through having unsafe sex, donor insemination, sharing injectable drug equipment, piercing, tattooing and blood transfusions.

Sexual behavior is safe or unsafe depending on the chances of your partner’s bodily fluids coming into contact with your blood.