Menopause Symptoms

Menopause SymptomsThe Menopause mostly takes place to women in their late 40’s or early 50’s, but it has been known to occur later or earlier.

Symptoms usually start a few months or years before a woman’s periods stop and can continue for some time afterwards.

On average, most symptoms last around 4 years after the last period, but around 10% of women have experienced them for up to 12 years.


Hot flushes and Night sweats: –

*wear light clothing
*keep your bedroom cool at night
*take a cooling shower, use a fan, take cooling non- alcoholic drinks
*Keep calm and don’t get stressed
*Avoid caffeine, alcohol, cut out smoking and don’t eat spicy foods
“Take regular exercise and lose weight if you are overweight

Mood changes: –

Some women can experience mood swings, low mood and increased anxiety levels around the menopause time. Self-help measures can include ensuring you obtain plenty of rest, taking regular exercise and if possible, taking up relaxing activities like yoga and meditation.

Menopausal Dryness: –

One of the most common symptoms of the menopause is vaginal dryness, and as many as 65%-80% of women are affected by this.  Many women post-menopause do continue to have to cope with this issue.  Hormonal changes result in women having to experience vaginal dryness, discomfort and pain,during sexual intercourse.

Dealing with Vaginal Dryness: –

Menopausal dryness luckily is one of the easiest problems to successfully treat with specially formulated menopause lubricants. Biofilm Inc. in the U.S.A. has for over 25 years been one of the world’s Pioneers in the development of a top range lightweight, non-sticky, silky smooth personal lubricant that is odourless has no taste and feels exactly like your own natural secretions.  The Astroglide range of personal lubricants is being used on a regular basis by millions of women and men throughout the world.

Astroglide is the perfect way to provide lubrication where and when it is needed. It will relieve itching and burning sensations, soreness or pain during sexual intercourse, and will increase your moisture levels to help you achieve better and more enjoyable sexual intercourse.

Benefits of using Astroglide:-

The main benefits of using the Astroglide range of personal lubricants are whether you choose to use a water or silicone-based product they are all made from natural ingredients and are free from some of the harmful ingredients found in inferior lubricants.

The Astroglide menopause lubricants are a perfect blend of natural ingredients like Vitamin C and E, soothing Chamomile Flower extracts and Aloe Vera.  They are also free of parabens, alcohol, glycerine, colouring, fragrances and hormones

This results in the Astroglide range of personal lubricants and moisturisers being formulated to be virtually identical to your own natural vaginal lubrication.

When you are experiencing itching or stinging around the vaginal opening and vulva or pain during intercourse, Astroglide lubricants will make you feel a whole lot better, and they last a lot longer than other lubes. They will enhance your moisture levels and being non-sticky and easy to wash away, they make the perfect partner for pain free, enjoyable sexual intercourse.

How to choose from the great range of Astroglide lubricants: –

Whether you prefer water or silicone based, a Liquid or a Gel. The easiest way to find your particular favourite, is to email us and ask for a free pack of sample sachets, and try them in the privacy of your home.  By trying the samples at home it will enable you to arrive at the correct lubricant that will make a difference to your sexual pleasure and offer you relief from menopausal dryness symptoms

To reduce Vaginal Dryness: –

Do not use any of the following: –
Avoid deodorants with perfume
Perfumed soaps, washes or douches around your vaginal area
Look for mild hypoallergenic, fragrance – free products
Some laundry products with dyes, perfumes, fabric softeners, anti-cling properties

Other Causes of Vaginal Dryness include: –

Allergy and Cold medications
Auto-immune disorder i.e. Sjogren’s syndrome
Some but not all anti-depressants
Not enough foreplay before sexual intercourse

Stay sexually active, a regular sex life will keep natural juices flowing and help to maintain pelvic muscle tone.

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