Vaginal Dryness and how to overcome it

Overcoming vaginal dryness with Astroglide lubricant

Are you still looking for the best Personal Lubricant to overcome Vaginal Dryness

You need look no further, Biofilm Inc. has been a world leader for over 25 years, providing a complete range of personal lubricants to meet each person’s individual requirements and to alleviate the problems due to vaginal dryness, and the Astroglide Brand is recognized worldwide by it’s many users, as probably the best personal lubricant available. This range of products is available to meet each and every individual requirement by offering the best personal lubricant available to suit both women and their partners.

You can’t change your skin, but you can certainly change your lubricant, you deserve the best and by choosing Astroglide you are going to change your life by regaining the enjoyment of sexual intimacy without the pain caused by vaginal dryness.  Its superb lubrication qualities will help you and your partner to enjoy a full and active sex life again.

Remove the friction and don’t let it interfere and ruin your personal relationship, Astroglide will help you to enjoy pain free sexual intimacy.

Astroglide is the only manufacturer with a complete range of lubricants including Water Based Gel and Liquid, Silicone Based Gel and Liquid and Certified Organic range.  Our Gel and Silicone based lubricants stays in place longer than a liquid lubricant.

Our personal lubricants are pH stable so do not disturb the pH balance in the vagina and are never sticky. They are designed to mimic natural vaginal secretions, so you can apply them discretely without your partner ever knowing anything about it.

The lubricants are economical in use, only a few drops or a pea sized amount are needed to achieve the right levels of lubrication and moisture.

Sample sachets are available on request, email


Menopause does not mean you cannot continue an enjoyable sex life. Your relationship with your partner does not have to suffer.

Astroglide personal lubricant as recommended by Dr Marilyn Glenville in her book “Natural Alternatives to HRT”.

Where penetrative intercourse does occur, it is important to use plenty of additional lubrication (e.g. Astroglide)
Astroglide is also recommended by The Vulval Pain Society.

Section on website dealing with Sex and Vulval Pain.  Sub-heading:- Treatment approaches to sexual problems

Astroglide is now here to help you overcome vaginal dryness speedily and safely and with no side-effects. (see the reviews section on the site for more details.)

Vaginal dryness is now history.

Astroglide the new generation personal lubricant relieves this painful condition with its superb lubrication qualities.  You don’t have to accept dryness as part of the ageing process. You can still enjoy a full and active sex life with Astroglide making sure that you and your partner recapture those early years that you thought had gone forever.