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ASTROGLIDE is ready to help your purpose if you're committed to improving intimate encounters, safety, and well-being! Like a lot of people, we are dedicated to creating secure and enjoyable personal relationships. We are happy to offer free samples of ASTROGLIDE to healthcare professionals and members of our prestigious healthcare network so they may give them to their patients or clients. Our mission is to support safe and fulfilling experiences because we think that making educated decisions promotes healthier living. Get free ASTROGLIDE samples by getting in touch with us, and help us spread the word about a world of pleasure and well-being.

Samples of ASTROGLIDE for Clinics and Health Centers

Healthcare experts at family planning centers and community health clinics may do more for women's health than only treat typical symptoms of sexual dryness, such as pressure, discomfort, itching, burning, or light bleeding. Healthcare practitioners might suggest KY Jelly and other personal lubricants, which come in water, silicone, and oil bases, to provide momentary relief from vaginal pain during sexual activity. Women may have a more pleasurable and comfortable encounter as a result, which may enhance their general sexual health and pleasure.

Samples of ASTROGLIDE for Medical Professionals and Physicians

Having established a reliable reputation for almost thirty years, ASTROGLIDE is one of the most well-regarded personal lubricant products among medical experts. Without a prescription, ASTROGLIDE's selection of over-the-counter personal lubricants offers relief and enjoyment for a variety of requirements, including those related to dryness, skin sensitivity, and pleasure enhancement.

Sex educators are supported by ASTROGLIDE

ASTROGLIDE assists sex educators in promoting a lifetime of good sexual choices and sexual well-being through demonstrations, and it may be used in health centers, senior care institutions, and schools.

Outreach to the Community

Discover the wide selection of ASTROGLIDE personal lubricants that are compatible with condoms to guarantee secure and pleasurable sexual encounters. ASTROGLIDE is dedicated to promoting safe sex habits, regardless of the goal: family planning or disease prevention. Please get in touch with us if you are involved in community outreach programs to see how ASTROGLIDE might support your endeavors. You are also welcome to submit a sample request for an in-person demonstration.

Advantages for All

Inquiring about ASTROGLIDE or requesting product samples are just a few of the numerous advantages you may discuss with your patients, students, or outreach targets.

  • Long-lasting
  • Super slick
  • Moisturizing
  • Non-irritating
  • Clear
  • Odorless
  • Never sticky

We applaud you and wish to contribute if you are disseminating information and providing assistance. Find the ideal items for your patients or pupils by exploring our Product Page or requesting samples by filling out the form below with your personal information.