12 Ways To Last Longer In Bed

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When it comes to sexual intercourse, there are many areas where confusion can arise. Especially for men one common topic is lasting longer enough in bed during penetrative sex. Being able to maintain the erection for a longer period can help to reach orgasm and have satisfactory sex for both partners. There can be many reasons behind your low sexual performance but one common problem is PE(Premature Ejaculation).3 in 4 men suffer from PE at some point in their life. Before we slip into tips for lasting longer in bed let’s get clear with what is PE, causes and risk factors of it.

What is premature ejaculation?

The simple definition of PE(Premature Ejaculation) is when men ejaculate earlier than he or his partner would like. But it can vary from person to person. In one study they found most of the men ejaculated after four minutes or even the movement of penetration. PE can be the main cause for the majority of men to can’t stay longer enough in penetrative vaginal sex. The good news is it can be cured by different treatment options available. You can consult to the healthcare provider for more details. 

Causes and risk factors of PE

We are not 100% sure about what exactly causes of PE, but there are some risk factors you need to be aware of it.

First is low serotonin levels, this hormone is stabilizes your mood and responsible for overall mood changes. Some theories by medical experts say low serotonin levels can make you ejaculate quickly right after starting penetrative sex. But you can increase your serotonin levels from SSRIs treatment and it can cure your PE.

Abnormal hormone levels and inflammation of prostate also other risk factors. But generally, PE is considered to be psychological. Other psychological things like anxiety, stress and depression are often associated with this sexual dysfunction.

Your sexual performance  can be affected by your daily mental health stressors like relationship problems, poor body image and low confidence. Your chances of experiencing PE can be a history of sexual abuse in the past.

This just one common issue behind your low sexual performance there can be many more issues are responsible. But there are lots of ways to stay longer in bed and enjoy more pleasure of sex. So let’s dive into those tips and strategies.


Tips for lasting longer in bed 

Try to identify the root of your problem so u can find the right strategy for your problem. Certain techniques will concentrate on your pleasure, whereas others will address the satisfaction of your partner.

1.Do more in foreplay

Foreplay plays a crucial role in enhancing sexual experiences and can be a game-changer when it comes to lasting longer in bed. Many individuals underestimate the power of foreplay, often rushing into penetrative sex. However, taking the time to engage in sensual and intimate activities before intercourse can lead to a more satisfying and prolonged experience. Not only does foreplay allow both partners to connect on a deeper emotional level, but it also helps in building anticipation and arousal.

By focusing on foreplay, you can give your body more time to respond to sexual stimulation, leading to improved control over ejaculation. Remember, the journey to sexual satisfaction is just as important as the destination, and dedicating ample time to foreplay can make all the difference in prolonging your intimate moments and creating a more fulfilling sexual connection with your partner.

2.Try Edging 

Edging is a technique that can be highly effective in extending your sexual performance  and mastering control over ejaculation. This practice involves bringing yourself close to the brink of orgasm but then pausing or slowing down stimulation just before reaching the point of no return. By doing so, you allow the sexual arousal to subside slightly before building it up again. Edging not only helps you understand your body's arousal patterns but also strengthens your ability to delay ejaculation.

Consistently practicing edging during solo or partnered sexual activities can lead to improved ejaculatory control over time. This technique not only allows you to last longer in bed but also adds an element of excitement and anticipation to your intimate moments. Remember, patience and practice are key when it comes to edging, but the rewards in terms of prolonged sexual pleasure and satisfaction can be well worth the effort.

3.Use Sex Toys

Bringing sex toys into your intimate experiences can be a more enjoyable way to improve your sexual endurance and overall performance in the bedroom. Certain sex toys, such as cock rings, can help maintain a firmer erection by restricting blood flow and delaying ejaculation. These rings are designed to be placed around the base of the penis, effectively prolonging the duration of intercourse. Additionally, there are various other sex toys that can be used to enhance pleasure and intimacy for both partners, leading to longer-lasting and more satisfying sexual encounters. The use of sex toys can also bring novelty and excitement to your relationship, creating a comfortable environment to explore your desires and preferences together.

As with any new experience, open communication with your partner about incorporating sex toys into your sexual routine is crucial, ensuring that both parties are comfortable and consenting. Embrace the possibilities that sex toys offer, and discover how they can contribute to a more fulfilling and pleasurable sexual connection with your partner.

4.Try Thicker Condoms

One practical and easily available method to increase sexual performance  and prolong your time in bed is by using thicker condoms. Thicker condoms are designed to provide an extra layer of protection and can reduce sensitivity during intercourse, thereby helping to delay ejaculation. These condoms typically have a higher level of thickness compared to regular ones, which can decrease the intensity of stimulation and allow you to last longer. Choosing the right condom size is important to ensure comfort and effectiveness, as condoms that are too tight or too loose may reduce their efficacy.

When selecting thicker condoms, be sure to read the packaging to find the one that best suits your needs. Incorporating thicker condoms into your sexual routine is a simple yet effective way to improve your sexual endurance and increase mutual pleasure for you and your partner. Open communication about contraception and personal preferences is essential, as a shared understanding can lead to a more enjoyable and satisfying sexual experience.

5.Masturbate Before Sex

Masturbating before engaging in sexual activities with a partner can be an effective strategy for lasting longer in bed. This technique, also known as "pre-gaming," allows you to release some of your sexual tension and arousal, which can help delay ejaculation during intercourse. By masturbating earlier in the day or before your intimate encounter, you may find that you have better control over your arousal levels and can sustain pleasure for a more extended period. It's essential to strike a balance and avoid overdoing it, as excessive masturbation can lead to reduced sensitivity or interfere with your ability to perform when it's time for intimacy.

Experiment with the timing that works best for you, and remember that open communication with your partner about your needs and desires is crucial. Masturbating before sex can be a practical technique to help you enjoy longer, more satisfying experiences with your partner and fostering a deeper sense of intimacy and connection between you both.

6.Use Numbing Creams or sprays

An increasingly popular method to address concerns about premature ejaculation and enhance sexual performance  is the use of numbing creams or sprays. These topical solutions are designed to temporarily reduce sensitivity in the genital area, helping men prolong sexual intercourse and delay ejaculation. When applied as directed, the active ingredients in these creams or sprays create a mild numbing sensation, reducing the intensity of stimulation without completely eliminating pleasure.

It's essential to follow the recommended dosage and application guidelines to prevent any potential side effects or loss of sensitivity. The primary active components found in these products are lidocaine and benzocaine, both of which act as mild anesthetics commonly employed in the treatment of premature ejaculation (PE).

7.Use Lubes 

Using lubes into your sexual activities can be a game-changer when it comes to lasting longer in bed. Lubes are designed to reduce friction and enhance comfort during penetrative vaginal or anal sex . Using a water-based or silicone-based lube can help reduce sensitivity, allowing for smoother and more controlled movements. By reducing the friction between the genitals, lubes can help prevent overstimulation and delay ejaculation.

Additionally, incorporating lubes into your bedroom activities can make the experience more enjoyable and pleasurable for both partners. It's important to choose a high-quality, body-safe lube and apply it generously to ensure optimal results.

8.Try Benzocaine wipes

For those seeking a convenient and discreet solution to improve sexual endurance, Benzocaine wipes can be a great option to explore. These wipes are infused with Benzocaine, a mild topical anesthetic known for its numbing properties. When used before sexual activity, Benzocaine wipes can help reduce penile sensitivity, allowing men to better control their arousal and delay ejaculation. The wipes are designed for ease of use and can be discreetly carried in a pocket or bag, making them a practical addition to your intimacy toolkit. However, it's crucial to use them as directed and avoid excessive application to prevent any potential loss of sensation.

While Benzocaine wipes can be beneficial for some individuals. Preliminary studies of these wipes are promising. In a particular study, participants experienced promising results, with the average time to ejaculate doubling after two months of consistent use. Additionally, participants reported a reduction in performance anxiety and an improved sense of control over their orgasms. These findings suggest that the use of these wipes holds potential as an effective strategy for enhancing sexual performance  and overall sexual satisfaction.

9.Try Different positions

Trying different positions during intimate moments can be an amazing technique to enhance your ability to last longer in bed. Certain sexual positions may offer varying levels of stimulation, and by trying different ones, you can find the ones that help reduce overstimulation and delay ejaculation. For instance, positions where the male partner has more control over the depth and pace of penetration can be beneficial for prolonging sexual activity.

Choosing positions that don't allow for deep penetration can also be helpful, like the spooning position where you are the "big spoon." Additionally, opting for positions that allow for slower and more relaxed movements can help build arousal gradually, leading to a more sustained and enjoyable experience. 

10.Strengthen pelvic floor muscles

Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles is a good way to improve your ability to last longer in bed. The pelvic floor muscles play a crucial role in supporting the pelvic organs and controlling ejaculation. One effective way to strengthen these muscles is through regular pelvic floor exercises, also known as Kegel exercises. To perform Kegels, simply contract and hold the muscles that you would use to stop the flow of urine without using your back or butt muscles to help. Doing this way you can identify your pelvic floor muscle. Start with simple 5 - 10 times squeeze, keep contraction for three seconds and relax for three seconds. Do this three time a day or as you comfortable with.

By incorporating pelvic floor exercises into your daily routine, you can enhance muscle control and endurance, leading to better command over ejaculation during sexual activity. Alongside other techniques and practices, strong pelvic floor muscles can significantly contribute to a more satisfying and fulfilling sexual experience for you and your partner.

11.Bio feedback

Biofeedback is an innovative and promising technique to help individuals improve their ability to last longer in bed. Through biofeedback, you can gain valuable insights into your body's physiological responses during sexual activity. This involves using specialized devices or sensors that provide real-time feedback on various bodily functions, such as heart rate, muscle tension, and breathing patterns. By becoming more aware of these physiological cues, you can learn to recognize the signs of impending ejaculation and develop better control over your arousal.

Biofeedback sessions, often guided by trained professionals, can teach you relaxation techniques and ways to modulate your responses, ultimately helping you prolong sexual activity and enhance your overall sexual performance . While biofeedback may not be for everyone, it represents a cutting-edge approach to lasting longer in bed and has the potential to significantly improve your intimate experiences.

12.Consider medication 

Considering medication is an option that some individuals may explore to address concerns about premature ejaculation and improve their ability to last longer in bed. There are certain medications available, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), that have been found to have an effect on delaying ejaculation. SSRIs are primarily used to treat depression, but they have the side effect of prolonging the time it takes to reach orgasm. Other popular drugs like sildenafil can be a good option to cure PE if you suffering from it.

However, it's important to note that using medication for this purpose should be done under the guidance and prescription of a qualified healthcare professional. They will assess your individual health situation, potential side effects, and interactions with other medications to determine if medication is a suitable option for you. It's essential to have an open and honest conversation with your healthcare provider to make an informed decision and ensure that you're using medication safely and effectively to achieve your desired results.

When to see doctor

If experiencing premature ejaculation (PE) is causing distress within a relationship, leading to feelings of self-consciousness or low self-esteem, or hindering one's ability to engage in intimate relationships, it may be beneficial to seek guidance from a doctor, primary care physician, or urologist. Consulting a healthcare professional can help identify any potential underlying factors contributing to PE and explore suitable treatment options. During the consultation, the doctor may inquire about

  • the duration of sexual activity
  • the frequency of PE occurrences
  • the time taken to ejaculate during intercourse
  • any medications being taken

 It is important to remember that sexual pleasure doesn't solely depend on penetration or reaching orgasm. Couples can explore various pleasurable intimate activities, such as kissing, touching, erotic massage, and incorporating sex toys, which is often referred to as "outercourse."


There are many techniques and methods which can help a person to last longer in bed. It includes engaging more in foreplay, trying different sex toys or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, or experimenting with new sexual techniques into sexual activities.

If you feel your premature ejaculation continues and make sex difficult or causes distress you should see a doctor for help. According to your problem, the doctor can refer you to a urologist or sex therapist.


1. Can anyone learn to last longer in bed? 

Yes, with practice and patience, anyone can improve their stamina and enjoy longer-lasting intimate moments.

2. Are there any specific exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles? 

Yes, exercises like Kegels can help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Just squeeze them as if you're holding pee, and release. Repeat several times a day.

3. Will using lubrication make a difference? 

Absolutely! Lubrication can make intimate moments more comfortable and enjoyable, helping you last longer without any discomfort.

4. Is it normal to feel stressed or anxious about lasting longer in bed? 

It's normal to feel some pressure, but remember, intimacy is about connection and pleasure, not just performance. Managing stress and seeking support can help alleviate anxiety.

5. How can I improve my emotional connection with my partner? 

Spend quality time together, communicate openly, and show love and appreciation. Building emotional connection takes time and effort, but it's worth it for a fulfilling relationship

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