And why not?

Mature couples are finding out that they have better and more sensual love lives than they experienced in their earlier years. There are quite a few reasons for this. Women over 60 still have sensual feelings and feel sexy and in most cases the Menopause problems have been left behind.

It is best to use a water-based lubricant like Astroglide Liquid or Astroglide Gel.

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Using Condoms

If you are NOT in a committed relationship with a long-time partner, then it is important for both men and women over 60, to ensure that condoms are used with all of your sex partners.

Although pregnancy is no longer a risk, STD’s are still a risk factor irrespective of age, and senior citizens according to current statistics are the fastest growing risk group for Sexually Transmitted diseases.

Sex after 60 is now being seen as a great activity, apart from the enjoyment of experiencing sexually satisfying intercourse. It can make you look younger, can stave of dementia and can combat stress. You will not be alone, because a recent survey revealed that 30 -40% of over 60’s have sexual intercourse at least twice a week.

Sexual Therapists state that sexual activity on a basic level is great exercise, it increases the heart rate and also improves the flow of blood and oxygen. So, In a nutshell. It is good for blood pressure, muscle tone and provides a good cardiovascular workout.

A healthy sex life for the over 60’s can overcome moods of depression and looking at the ageing process in a more positive way.
So don’t wait any longer, go ahead and enjoy Older Sex.  And make it the best you ever had for you and your partner.

Astroglide the moisturizer will enhance the sexual experience  in your relationship

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