Best Lubricant for Sensitive Skin Guideline

Best Lubricant for Sensitive Skin Guideline

Sensitive skin can be very bothersome and very uncomfortable no matter which area of the body it occurs in, but when it comes to having a sensitive vagina, and vulva, the discomfort and often pain is very troubling and embarrassing.

If your skin is extremely sensitive, a burning sensation and then severe itching of the vulva can occur after sex, it could be that the cause of this is that a latex condom with an oil-based lubricant has been used and the two do not work together.

Dryness and irritation can also be caused by drying soaps, bubble bath preparations and perfumed bath products and these should be avoided at all costs. It would also help you to wear panties with cotton crutch panels and use loose fitting clothing around your crutch area. In the evening wear a loose gown or large T-shirt without any panties and let your body breathe.

Astroglide is the new generation of personal moisturisers that will enhance and heighten sexual intimacy and will help you and your partner to enjoy a full and active sex life.

The moisturising properties of all Astroglide products will arouse and enhance your sexual experience to a new level.

The Astroglide range of Products include water-based, oil-based moisturisers and also Organic oil.  So that you do not make a mistake in your choice of lube, we can offer you sample sachets of these products for you to try in the privacy of your home. This will help you make the correct decision and open up the door to full snd enjoyable sexual intercourse.

Astroglide Ultra Gentle Gel and Organix moisturisers are water-based and made from all natural and organic derived ingredients. The perfect blend of naturally derived ingredients create a long-lasting personal moisturiser that never gets sticky.

Both these moisturisers are free from Parabens, Alcohol, Fragrance and Colouring.  The Ultra Gentle Gel is also Preservative Free.   If you have extremely sensitive skin, we suggest placing a small amount on the inside of your forearm before applying to more delicate areas.

Many of our customers tell us that they had to try out a few different formulas before they found the perfect one for them.  To help you start exploring your options, we offer free samples on request.

You can't change your skin, but you can certainly change your lube, get into something better CHOOSE ASTROGLIDE the No.1 choice Personal Moisturiser Worldwide.

You will not regret making this decision now, that will change and take your Sexual satisfaction to a new enjoyment level.

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