The Fun Of It

The Fun Of It

Astroglide, the aphrodisiac.
When used during intimate activity, Astroglide definitely heightens sexual pleasure for both partners. In fact, in her well-known book To Be Alive, Dr. Carol Runowiez claims: "Men go crazy, they call it AstroHeaven." Glamour Magazine's sexual ethics columnist Lynn Showden notes: "A certain canny friend insisted I try a product called Astroglide. Now I'm a convert. I have to say sex before AIDS was never like this. With these high-tech lubricants, safe sex can be something of a revelation."

Looking to get more zest in your sex life?
Mmmmm. that’s easy! Astroglide, the super-slippery personal lubricant, is a sexy way to increase sexual satisfaction with or without condoms. But there are many more ways to have sex that's hotter sex with Astroglide...

Astroglide is absolutely wonderful for fabulous fun foreplay. Sensitive areas have never felt a more sensuous massage than with Astroglide.

Astroglide ought to be part of your romantic evenings, too. There's nothing more enticing than a nice meal by candlelight followed by a soothing bath, a nibble of delicious dessert and then a few luscious moments savouring Astroglide's famous, um, cushioning properties.

Include Astroglide in your nightstand's must-have list, so it's always within reach.

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